Love and Listings: The Top 10 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Make The Best Partners

15 02 2023

You know what they say: there’s no better wingman/woman than a real estate agent! When you’re with them, the world is your oyster (or your five-acre ranch, your beachfront villa, you name it.) Here are the top 10 reasons why you should absolutely and positively date or marry a real estate agent:

  1. They’re always in the know so you’ll have the inside scoop on all the hottest restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in town and they know how to get you into the hottest properties, even if they’re completely out of your league (kind of like how they’ll sweep you off your feet!)
  2. They’re always bringing you around to new places and showing you their listings, so you’ll never have a dull moment with them and will never get bored with the same old date spots.
  3. They’ve got the keys to your heart (and a whole bunch of other keys too)!
  4. They’ve got a sixth sense when it comes to reading people, so they’ll always know exactly what you’re thinking (and vice versa). They’ll never steer you in the wrong direction because they know the importance of a good foundation (in a house and in a relationship!)
  5. They’re experts at finding hidden gems and turning them into diamonds in the rough, so if you’re feeling overlooked or undervalued, they’ll know just how to make you shine.
  6. They’ve got a keen eye for curb appeal so they’ll know how to make you look good (literally and figuratively) and they know that beauty is more than skin deep, so they’ll appreciate you for who you are on the inside.
  7. They’re used to handling high-pressure situations with ease and have plenty of experience dealing with difficult clients, so they’ll be able to handle any argument or disagreement that comes up in your relationship and be cool as cucumbers (and probably find a way to negotiate a win-win solution).
  8. They’ve got a knack for solving problems, so they’ll always know how to fix whatever’s broken in your relationship (and if all else fails, they can always stage a breakup scene and flip it for profit).
  9. They’re great at juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities, so you’ll never have to worry about them neglecting you for their work (unless, of course, they find a really good listing, in which case you might have to fend for yourself for a few hours).
  10. They’re masters of negotiation communicating clearly and concisely, so you’ll never have to worry about misinterpreting their signals or intentions (unless they start speaking in real estate jargon, in which case you’re on your own).

Have you ever dated or married a real estate agent? What would you add to this list (besides a grain of salt)?

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William Vasana, Realtor



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