Florida Housing Assistance Program for Unemployed Homeowners

13 11 2011

Florida continues to operate a federally funded program to help at-risk homeowners facing foreclosure following unemployment. However, a handful of Florida companies may claim they represent the Florida Housing Finance Corporation’s Hardest Hit Fund (HHF) when they do not.

The FHFC website specifically lists seven companies NOT associated with the program: Mader Law Group, Attorneys Legal Network, The Law Center, NOVA Debt, National Loan Restructuring and LMPrep LLC Hardship Center.

In February 2010, the U.S. Treasury created the “Housing Finance Agency (HFA) Innovation Fund for the Hardest-Hit Housing Markets”. It allocated funds to 18 states and the District of Columbia to assist in foreclosure prevention efforts. A total of $7.6 billion has been allotted for this fund; Florida’s total amount is more than $1 billion.

The Florida Housing Finance Corporation administers the state’s HHF fund under the following programs:

• Unemployment Mortgage Assistance Program (UMAP). UMAP provides up to six months of mortgage payments (with a cap of $12,000) paid directly to a mortgage lender to assist unemployed/underemployed borrowers with their first mortgage until they can resume full payments on their own.

• Mortgage Loan Reinstatement Payment (MLRP) Program. MLRP can be used to make a delinquent mortgage current (up to $6,000) for a homeowner who has returned to work or recovered from underemployment/underemployment.

For additional information on the HHF program and to apply, visit http://www.FLHardestHitHelp.org.



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