Survey: Neat Neighborhoods Sell Homes

17 11 2010

When they’re considering moving to a particular neighborhood, most consumers feel they can trust their eyes to determine how safe the area might be.

According to a sampling of 1,492 visitors to, the safety of their new neighborhood is their most important consideration when they’re moving. The survey showed that 93 percent of consumers considered safety to be an “important” or “very important” concern.

When assessing the safety of a potential neighborhood, buyers increasingly relied on their eyes – 75 percent said they could determine how safe an area was by looking at the upkeep and front lawns of local homes. In addition, 74 percent said the area’s word-of-mouth reputation was an important factor.

“It’s interesting to see how home buyers determine neighborhood safety based on the neighborhood’s appearance and not as much based on police statistics or crime reports,” said chairman and founder Sharon Asher. “Our findings suggest that some home sellers who are struggling to generate interest may want to go the extra mile and help their neighbors with landscaping needs in order to create buyer interest.”

Some cities have earned a reputation for safety. The city of Boston ranked as the safest in the country for families with young children, according to a recent report by Underwriters Laboratories.




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3 12 2010
Tom Whitlock

Do some research on the neighborhood before you move in. will show you details on your community.

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