5 09 2009

I found a video clip from Lennar Homes that offers ten simple and important tips that could help you turn your old home into a SOLD home. See http://www.lennar.com/10tips


1. MAKE A GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION. From the minute they pull in your driveway, their minds made up. Take the time to mow, mulch, trim and tidy up.

2. FIX EVERYTHING. Nobody wants to buy a home that’s broken.

3. HIDE YOUR LITTLE ANIMALS. Showing your home is not the time to show off your pets. Remove them, their hair and their smells from your home before your guests arrive.

4. GET RID OF THE CLUTTER. Don’t show off your knickknacks. De-clutter your counters and streamline your shelves. Make cabinets look roomy, not gloomy.

5. KEEP EVERYTHING OPEN. Open the blinds. Open the doors. And remove excess furniture to open up the spaciousness of every room.

6. IF YOU WANT IT, DON’T FLAUNT IT. You may be attached to your light fixtures or ceiling fans. But if they’re attached to that home, they’re part of that home. So remove the things now that you’ll be taking with you.

7. MAKE A CLEAN SWEEP. Clean the carpets. Clean the closets. Clean the showers. Clean the faucets. Clean everything. It might be old to you, but its new to them.

8. SELL THE NEIGHBORHOOD, TOO. Your buyers aren’t just buying a home, they’re buying into a community. Highlight the positives of the area: and make them comfortable to know that they’re making the right move.

9: PRICE IT RIGHT. Don’t base your selling price on what nearby homes have sold for in the past. Check the prices of homes that are on sale now.

10: JUST LEAVE. Home buyers want to picture their home with their family in it, not yours. They’ll feel much more comfortable if you’re not there.

Best of luck turning your old home into a sold home!

Top 10 Things Homebuyers Should Know

5 09 2009

Top 10 Things Homebuyers Should Know

Thinking about a new home? NOW is a great time to BUY and BUY NEW. I came across this video by Lennar Homes. If you’re thinking of buying a home, here are the top 10 most important things you should know before you go. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVql0LkZTPo.

From knowing what to look for, to knowing what you can afford, this Lennar video podcast is essential viewing for anyone in the market for a home.

And here are ten things homebuyers should know.

10: Know Before You Go. Go online. Research is quick and easy. Learn about home values and how to pre-qualify. The more you know, the easier it’ll go.

9: Know Your Builder. You don’t want to get stuck with a half-built home, right? You want to know that your builder is financially strong, and that they’ll be here for you tomorrow.

8: Know Your Neighborhood. Make the drive. Visit the community live. See it. Breathe it. And make sure it really feels like home.

7: Know Your Price Range. Set your budget. Stay within it. And never, never buy more home than you can afford.

6: Know What You Owe. Get a copy of your credit report. Get your finances in order. And get your down payment right where you want it.

5: Know That New Is Better Than Old. New homes mean less maintenance. Less retrofitting. More advanced technology. And more new stuff.

4: Know That New Is More Energy-Efficient. In a new home, you save energy. You save resources. And you save money.

3: Know That This Is A Long-Term Investment. Now is not the time to flip it and fly. Choose a home you can grow in, and be comfortable for the long run.

2: Know That Your Wealth Can Grow. Home equity is a big part of your net worth. Owning a home is the first step in assuring your financial security.

1: Know That Now Is A Great Time To Buy. Prices – down. Interest rates – down. Payments – down. And government assistance – UP – with a new $8,000 tax credit for first-time homebuyers.

So now you know. The time is now!

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