U.S. Economic Outlook Forecast: August 2009

9 08 2009

The National Association of REALTORS has released the U.S. Economic Outlook for the month of August ’09. This monthly summary forecast table includes actual and predicted movement in GDP, consumer prices, home sales, home prices, housing starts, mortgage rates and more. See:

• GDP 2009 Q3: + 0.8%
• GDP 2009 Q4: +1.3%
• GDP 2010 Q1: +2.5%
• Unemployment rate by the end of 2009: 10.4%
• Average 30-year fixed mortgage rate by the end of 2009: 5.4%

Did you know nearly one-quarter of first-time buyers are single females who purchased their first home on a median income of $47,400?

To access NAR official forcast, click here.

Source: National Association of REALTORS

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