Pass the Emergency Economic Stability Act (EESA)

1 10 2008

As a real estate professional and member of the National Association of REALTORS, I wrote a letter to Senator Bill Nelson, Senator Mel Martinez and Representative Ander Crenshaw to urge them to support a bipartisan plan that brings an end to the current credit crisis crippling the housing and financial markets. The final plan MUST protect homeowners and the American taxpayers. I supported the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 and am pleased with the safe guards in that bill.

Keeping people in their home and protecting ‘Main Street’ not only benefits individual families, but helps bring stability to the housing market which greatly impacts the overall U.S. economy. Across the country, REALTORS see and feel the loss of confidence by both buyers and sellers, and now buyers are finding it harder to get mortgages.

The faster Congress acts to relieve this constraint, the sooner we’ll see a broad stabilization in home prices that in turn will help the economy recover. Historically, housing has led the nation out of economic downturns — there will not be an economic recovery without a housing recovery.

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