Florida 3rd-Most Popular State to Move to

14 09 2006

Florida has fallen a notch to become the third-most-popular state U.S. adults would choose to live in if they could live in any state outside of their own.

The top-ranked state, from a Harris Poll survey, is California, which has been No. 1 for the last four years. Harris said it surveyed 3,685 adults nationwide, online, Aug. 8-17.

Next up was Hawaii, which flip-flopped spots with Florida.

The rest of the top 10 most-popular states people said they would like to live in were:

• North Carolina, No. 4, up from a tie for No. 8 the year before

• Texas, No. 5, also moving up from No. 8 the year before

• Washington, No. 6, moving up from No. 11

• Colorado, No. 7, dropping from No. 4

• New York, No. 8, dropping from No. 5

• Arizona. No. 9, dropping from No. 6

• Oregon, No. 10, dropping from No. 7

Source: Harris Poll Survey



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