Simple tips prepare homes for quick sell

15 04 2005

Trying to sell your home? Here are some tips to ensure a quick sell.

1. Clear the clutter. Less is more, as they say.

2. Clean it up. A neat and tidy house leaves a better impression in buyers’ minds. Furthermore, make sure the home smells clean. Use scented candles work quite well.

3. Consider curb appeal. Fresh mulch, mowed lawns, colorful flowers, and a clean front door add to the home’s exterior appeal.

4. Neutralize everything. Bright or dark paint colors may detract buyers, so consider light shades that make spaces seem larger and brighter.

5. Decorate with tasteful accessories. Choose 10 accessories that add to the room’s character, and store the rest elsewhere.

FHA’s Kiddie Condo

15 04 2005

FHA’s Kiddie Condo finance program is emerging as a helpful resource for young people looking to become homeowners. Under the loan program, a person, such as a college student, can buy a home with the help of a qualified blood relative who agrees to co-sign with his or her income or assets.

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