Refinancing ?

16 07 2004

A hefty number of homeowners don’t realize how much money they could
save simply by refinancing their mortgage. Bank of America recently
conducted a survey of homeowners’ attitudes and found that almost one third
of 300 homeowners who carry mortgage rates of 7 percent or more do not see
the benefits of refinancing — though rates dipped almost to 5 percent in recent
years, a whopping 43 percent of respondents still hold their original mortgages.
Those who have not refinanced don’t believe the closing costs offset any
potential savings; they shun the hefty load of paperwork required and the time
needed to complete the process. But most are also unaware whether their
existing lenders offer streamlined refinancings to customers who already
hold a mortgage with them.

Future Home is Here

16 07 2004

What will the house of the future look like? Maybe like The New American
Home being built by Goehring & Morgan Construction in Orlando’s Baldwin
Park in time for the National Association of Home Builders’ 2005 convention,
to be held in Orlando in January. The 6,000-square-foot, $1.8 million property
will be positioned around a pool, complete with a waterfall originating above
a fireplace. But the home’s main selling points will be its high-tech features.
Technology from Lutron Electronics Inc. will link a dozen televisions
scattered throughout the house with telephones, computers, lights, and security
and audio systems, which can easily be controlled via touch-screen keypads
and remotes. The computers and televisions can be used interchangeably.
Moreover, homeowners will be able to program the lights, control the
shades, monitor the front door, activate the sprinkler system, turn on the
whole-house vacuum and chlorinate the swimming pool from
anywhere in the house.

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