Know Your Credit Score

13 07 2004

Looking for a mortgage? The Mortgage Bankers Association
(MBA) offers the following tips for securing the lowest rate. First,
determine your credit score, which can vary from a low of 300 to
850 points, from the three primary credit bureaus: Equifax,
800-685-1111 or; TransUnion, 800-888-4213 or; and Experian, 888-387-3742 or Generally, there’s a fee that must be paid unless
you have been turned down for credit because of something in a
report. The MBA also recommends bringing credit card balances
down to less than 30 percent of each card’s credit limit, and not to
apply for any new lines of credit. Also keep credit card accounts open
rather than closing some and lumping all debt into a single account.
It’s better to have a number of credit cards with each debt less than the
30 percent limit than it is to have only a single card with more than
30 percent of your available credit used.

55-Plus Housing

13 07 2004

Florida is still the top destination for older adults seeking an active
retirement, according to a recent analysis by the National Association
of Home Builders. The state had three counties on the top 10 list for
55-plus homebuyers, with Sumter County the most active in the nation.

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