Is The White House Most Expensive Home in America?

4 07 2004

The White House is not actually for sale, but a Web site asked some top
real estate agents to perform a home price comparison on the U.S. president’s
home — arguably the most expensive in America. Coming up with a price,
however, presented its own problems since it’s tough to compare the White
House to similar properties. “We don’t see a lot of homes with their own
dentist office, movie theater, running track and bowling lane,” admits Ian
Morris, HouseValues president and CEO. Real estate agents — some of whom
compared the White House to large homes overseas — noted that the White
House does have some negative things that could lower its overall selling
price: Anyone can visit for free, for example, so privacy is somewhat restricted;
the West Wing was added on and not part of the original house; and, contrary
to popular belief, George Washington never slept here. With an asking price
of $106 million, potential buyers should also consider the upkeep expense on a
home with 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms and 29 fireplaces.

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