1 07 2004

The Federal Citizen Information Center offers a set of free publications to
help buyers eliminate the hassles of property purchases. The “Facts on Buying
a Home” package includes HUD’s “100 Questions and Answers About
Buying a New Home” pamphlet and the “Home Scorecard,” with information
on how to factor insurance premiums and property taxes into the costs of
ownership. Among other things, buyers can use the guides to identify loan
programs for which they qualify; learn how to hire a home inspector and
submit a bid; and find out how to approach the settlement table. Buyers also
can research low downpayment loans in the “How to Buy a Home With a
Low Downpayment” brochure from the Mortgage Insurance Companies of
America and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Cooperative State
Research, Education and Extension Service. More info and to download
or order the publications:

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