Housing village slated for North Jacksonville

13 06 2004

Almost 1,100 acres in North Jacksonville are targeted for development as Thomas Creek Village, a housing and commercial center described as a master planned community developed around a village center.

Thomas Creek Village is proposed at Lem Turner and Braddock roads, about 2 miles north of Interstate 295.

Developer Jim Putnal, managing member of Lem Turner Road Development LLC, says construction could start in spring 2005 and be completed in eight to 10 years.

A rezoning application calls for up to 2,595 residential units, up to 200,000 square feet of commercial space and 25 acres to be donated for school or other public uses.

From 500 to 550 acres are described as conservation, 20 to 25 acres are designed for preservation and parks will comprise about 25 to 30 acres, a project summary states.

The summary says Thomas Creek Village is the first master-planned community designed to meet objectives of the North Jacksonville Vision and Master Plan.

Thomas Creek Village is planned as a pedestrian-oriented project containing a village center surrounded by residential development. Development is planned among four districts:

The Village Center, at almost 54 acres, is the focal point and includes a “mix of uses to support the surrounding neighborhoods … for people to live, work, shop, go to school, exercise, receive services and be entertained.” The center will include a village square, community park and recreation facility. It also will include up to 25 acres for school or public use, and also include some residences.

Village Urban Neighborhoods, within about 536 acres, are closer to the center and will include more dense single-family, town house and condominium development.

Village Suburban Neighborhoods, within about 465 acres, are more distant from the center and will include larger-lot single-family homes and will be within a half-mile of a park.

The Gateway Center, at 32 acres, is a residential and commercial center at the Lem Turner entrance to Thomas Creek Village.

Source: Florida Times-Union



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