JEA Proposes Rate Increase in 2004

18 02 2004

JEA officials proposed water rate increases on top residential users and fixing rates for reclaimed water as it hits the residential market on a widespread basis.

The proposed rate and fee changes presented to the board also included raising rates on 44 commercial electric customers who have agreed to shut down during peak use times. The water increase would affect residential customers who use more than 22,000 gallons a month — about 3 percent of JEA’s 200,000 customers in Duval and parts of St. Johns and Clay counties.

If approved by the board, the water rate increase would be the first since JEA acquired the utility from the city in 1997. It would be the first electric rate increase for any type of customer in 13 years.

The utility plans to begin offering reclaimed water to large residential developments. Large commercial customers, such as golf courses and parks, comprise the majority of current users.

The board discussed a possible rate increase last summer. State regulators must approve rate increases. The JEA board plans to conduct a public hearing on the proposed water rates in May 2004.

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