Celebrate Chinese New Year with Feng Shui in Your Home

22 01 2004

The Chinese Lunar New Year rings in Thursday, Jan. 22 (the Year of the Monkey). For many, the start of a new year is the perfect time to update or implement feng shui practices into their homes.

Feng Shui is often referred to as the mother of natural sciences. In fact, it’s the Chinese art of placement and is as ancient as the culture and Lunar New Year Calendar. Now widely adopted across the globe, feng shui involves all aspects of our daily lives including our homes, our businesses, our doctor’s office and our entire community.

“Whether you live downtown, near the ocean, in a home or an apartment, the principles of feng shui transcend our everyday lives,” said Will Vasana, Jacksonville’s Southside real estate specialist and Feng Shui consultant. “Feng Shui addresses the areas where most of our concerns lie, such as wealth, relationships, fame and reputation and health. It’s old knowledge in this new age and it is making an impact on us more than ever.”

According to Vasana, Feng Shui is making a significant impact right now on real estate in particular, helping people to sell their homes faster and helping people settle into their new homes more comfortably.

“You can tell the difference. You walk into a house and it just feels good. You don’t know why. That’s what Feng Shui does. You take away the obstructions,” Vasana says. “A lot of it is common sense.”

Some of Vasana’s top placement tips to enhance the layout and interior design of a home are:

1. Don’t have a side door as a front door.

2. Position the stove so it’s not facing the wall, but facing people while cooking.

3. Keep doors in any one area to a minimum.

4. Position the toilet so it’s not seen immediately when opening the bathroom door.

5. Avoid using double doors in the master bedroom.

6. Make the first impression upon entering your home a warm and welcoming one.

7. Add mirrors to increase the size of a small room. You will create a feeling of more space and also endless opportunities.

8. Remember when placing furniture, less is always best. Too much furniture can make us feel cramped and can restrict the flow of our opportunities.

9. Add flowering plants, in groups of 3’s along the walkway to your front door. Red is best.

10. Have live plants in as many rooms as possible, if their leaves look like round coins, even better.

“While each home, office or community is different and requires different applied principles, it’s amazing to see and feel the improvement feng shui makes on your space,” said Vasana. “From a real estate perspective, we’re of course most concerned with our clients’ personal well-being, and taking a little instruction from an ancient Chinese art is just one of the tools we may use to help sell their homes.”

For more information, call (904) 307-8998 or visit Homepage.



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